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Me on the Salt lake_edited.jpg

“My words convey my memories and my photography manifests my present.”

Just me.

My background is colorful like a butterfly but my story is simple.

Once, I was a little girl with dreams bigger than myself.

   From the first moment, when my feet touched the ground, I knew my purpose:

to observe, to perceive, and to deliver.

   Photography has been a part of me as long as I remember myself, with or without camera. As a child, I learned to capture images with my big blue eyes and store them in the deepest part of my memory. The world was a fascinating place to discover. Til one day, when someone placed a camera in my hand, I was able to reveal life to others through my eyes.

   Truth to be told, I never liked reading or writing until recently when a memoir book landed in my home. Suddenly, my fingers itched and searched for a keyboard to write. Closing my eyes and using imagery from my childhood, the words were flying on my screen. Writing children’s books is like living inside the dream. It is a place where the magic takes over and where everything is possible without the limits.

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